Monday, April 6, 2009

I Love You "Gemini"

Gemini Constellation Love Horoscope

You're so exciting and imaginative that you can turn the dullest of dates into a great adventure.

With you, even a journey on the bus takes on a strangely magical quality. Because of this, you're in huge demand with girls/guys.

You're also one hell of a flirt - probably one of the best in the zodiac - so don't be surprised if some of your male/female mates have secret yearnings for you.

Gemini Constellation Horoscope Compatability

You're only truly happy with someone who's witty, intelligent, exciting and independent.

Your ideal partner is one who can be loving, but can also give you the space that you need.

You can't stand clingy people, so carefree *Libra*, *Aquarius* or *Gemini* are the ones for you.

Other Interesting points to note for Gemini Horoscope

Planet: Mercury
Color: Yellow
Gemstone: Agate
Metal: Mercury
Flower: Lily-of-the-valley
Animal: Butterfly
Herb: Lavender
Cities: San Francisco, Adelaide & London


Aquarius Constellation Love Horoscope

You're the kind of person who organises protests to stop logging, hates cruelty to animals and wants to change the world!

You're also independent, unconventional and eccentric. Your need to be different will make you try anything once and your dislike of being ordered about will often mean you do the exact the opposite to what you've been told to do.

Nothing about you is predictable - except your talent to surprise.

Aquarius Constellation Horoscope Compatability

Either a *Gemini*, *Libra* or fellow *Aquarian* will suit you fine.

These signs are so crazy, gorgeous and romantic they'll send your pulse rate soaring.

They like their freedom, too, so you won't have to worry about things getting too serious yet!

Other Interesting points to note for Aquarius Horoscope

Planet: Uranus
Color: Turquoise
Gemstone: Sapphire
Metal: Aluminium
Flower: Orchid
Animal: Migrating birds
Herb: Marshmallow
Cities: Los Angeles & Byron Bay

Sunday, April 5, 2009


There was a lion who feared nothing except the crowing of cocks. A chill would go down his spine whenever he heard a cock crowing.
One day he confessed his fear to the elephant, who was greatly amused.
“How can the crowing of a cock hurt you?” he asked the lion. “Think about it!”
Just then a mosquito began circling the elephant’s head, frightening him out of his wits.
“If it gets into my ear I’m doomed!” he shrieked, flailing at the insect with his trunk.
Now it was the lion’s turn to feel amused.

Moral: If we could see our fears as others see them we would realise that most of our fears make no sense!

Konco-koncoku (kawan-kawanku)

"Give me friends or give me death". A life without friendship is terrible and lonely. We are social beings and friendship is an incredibly important part of our lives. Appreciating friends is something we must always make time for. In today's competitive world it is easy to get up in our careers or our latest project. It is important to keep a sense of perspective. It is nice to rise high in the company but all the money in the world is not going to keep you company on a cold winter night.