Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ways to Relax, Chill, Calm Down...

~ Turn off the TV. What about going outside and taking a walk? Or better yet talking to your partner or reading to one of yourself?

~ Limit the time you spend online, another time sucker.

~ Don't nuke your food. We don't need to go and light a fire to cook a meal, but how about
avoiding the microwave? Simplify: veggies, fruit, protein, and a non-white starch.

~ Did cavemen drink soda and frozen juices? I know they taste great, and hit the spot, but when did we stop drinking water? All I'm suggesting is stop making the sugary drinks the means in which we hydrate (including diet, they fatten you up too).

~ Stop and take a deep breath. We are all in such a hurry: If you can steal 5 to 30 minutes a day to just stop and meditate, or pray, do it!

~ Move. Part of being able to handle the intense pace of life is to be strong enough physically to deal with it.

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